Urgent News

4th October 2017

Please can you help us?

The people of Colchester and the surrounding areas, urgently need…

  • Small bags of rice
  • Tinned potatoes
  • Packets of chocolate treat snacks
  • Long Life Milk
  • Long life Juice/ squash
  • Cereal
  • Tea bags/ instant coffee
  • Jam / Peanut Butter / Chocolate Spread
  • Tinned Meat / Fish / Tomatoes
  • Tinned Veg / Soup / Pudding (rice/custard) / Fruit
  • Pasta
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Tinned beans
  • Packets of chocolate treat snacks
  • Shampoo / Shower Gel
  • Toothpaste / brush
  • Washing powder/ liquid

We can always use any ‘bags for life’ to put our parcels in and Tin openers are helpful.

Thank you ever so much, for both spreading our message and helping us to feed the hungry!
#ColchesterĀ #Foodbank

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