And then Christmas is just around the corner…

12th November 2017

As last year’s Festive Parcels were so successful we will be repeating the scheme again this year.  Our clients were so grateful for those extra items that make Christmas that little bit special for them. We have already posted the idea of a reverse advent calendar on our Facebook page. If you would like to support us with this, we would be grateful if you could carry it out in November, as we will be getting our parcels ready at the beginning of December.

The prepared parcels are given out to our clients in the 4 weeks running up to Christmas. Items we are grateful for are: tinned ham, boxes of biscuits, children’s selection boxes, small boxes of assorted sweets, small fancy cakes or Yule log, snacks or savoury nibbles. We are also grateful for any toiletries..soaps, shampoo, shower gel. We know some businesses and organisations are keen to support us with this idea. if you know of anyone who you think could help us ..please give them our information. Thank you.

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