Armin Lange and Nikki Ranson appointed co-Directors of Colchester Foodbank

12th February 2024

Armin Lange and Nikki Ranson have been appointed co-Directors of Colchester Foodbank following Michael Beckett’s resignation as CEO.

Peter Tibber, Chair of the Foodbank said: “I and my fellow trustees are delighted to make this appointment. It follows a rigorous, open recruitment process. Nikki and Armin have, for several years, been key members of the team helping to delivering critical support to those in food poverty. Nobody knows the Foodbank better than them or is more able to provide the leadership the Foodbank continues to need as it faces new challenges. Sadly, numbers in food poverty and demands on the foodbank continue to increase. Job-sharing the leadership role enables the Foodbank to draw on the diverse and strong talents of both Nikki and Armin as they lead the Foodbank forward. I have every confidence that they will succeed.

Nikki and Armin said:

….Embarking on this journey as co-directors fills us with genuine excitement and honour. Personally invested, we bring a blend of skills to ensure Colchester Foodbank’s future success. We are thrilled to continue this partnership with a fantastic team of volunteers, we look forward to forging partnerships that go beyond the ordinary. Our optimism is grounded in deep respect and trust, effective communication, and shared experiences. Having spent four years at the Foodbank, Nikki, along with Armin, who served three years as the warehouse manager, aims to make a personal impact in the fight against food poverty. This venture is more than a role—it’s a heartfelt commitment to positive change within the organisation and the community”.

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