10 Great Reasons to take part in Open Voice or to be a Community Inspirer

7th December 2023

open voice

We are super excited to launch our Open Voice client engagement programme and our new Community Inspirer volunteer role. Research has shown that when people participate, have their say, share ideas, and shape positive change, it has numerous positive impacts. 

Through participation in Open Voice and our Community Organising programme, we hope you may feel one or more of the following emotions. Here’s 10 great reasons to take part:

1.Feel Empowered: When you are given the opportunity to express your thoughts and ideas, you may begin to feel empowered. You may feel a sense of ownership and control over how food poverty impacts you and those close to you. You may begin to realise that your voice matters and can make a difference.

2.Feel Validated: Having the opportunity to share ideas and opinions can make you feel validated. It confirms that your thoughts are valued and respected, and that you are seen as important contributors to the conversation or decision-making process.

3.Feel Inspired: The act of sharing ideas and shaping positive change can be motivating and inspiring. It can ignite creativity, spark innovation, and encourage you to think outside the box, leading to a sense of inspiration and excitement about the potential for positive outcomes.

4. Feel Connected: Expressing yourself and sharing ideas can foster a sense of connection among individuals. It can create a sense of community and shared purpose, as you come together with other people to collaborate, exchange perspectives, and work towards a common goal.

5. Feel Fulfilled: Being able to actively participate in shaping positive change can bring a sense of fulfilment. It provides a sense of purpose and accomplishment, knowing that your contributions have made a positive impact and helped to drive meaningful change.

6. Feel Respected: When you are given the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas, it can make you feel respected and valued. It acknowledges your unique perspectives and demonstrates that your opinions are worthy of consideration, which can boost your self-esteem and sense of self-worth.

7. Feel Hopeful: Having the ability to share ideas and shape positive change can instil a sense of hope. It can create a belief that positive outcomes are possible and that you have the agency to make a difference, leading to a sense of optimism and hopefulness for the future.

8. Feel Engaged: Actively participating in the process of sharing ideas and shaping positive change can make you feel engaged and involved. It encourages active participation, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, leading to a sense of engagement and involvement in meaningful activities.

9. Feel Content: Being able to freely express your thoughts and ideas can lead to a sense of contentment. It provides an outlet for self-expression, allowing you to share your perspectives and contribute to positive change, which can lead to a sense of satisfaction and contentment.

10. Feel Motivated: The opportunity to have your say and shape positive change can be motivating. It can fuel your passion, ignite your drive, and inspire you to take action towards your desired goals, leading to a sense of motivation and determination.

Get involved and help make a positive difference. Register to take part in our first Open Voice session or contact us and ask to speak to one of our Community Organisers who work on these initiatives. We will launch an online signup forms soon!

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